High-precision metal vibration detectors

High-precision metal vibration detectors
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High-precision metal vibration detectors
- Acoustic wave vibrates to detect
- Compliant to any environment
- Special filtering technology prevents false alarm.

Product Detail:  


1.Acoustic wave vibrates to detect
2.Compliant to any environment
3.Special filtering technology prevents false alarm.
4.Vibration detecting and vibration analysis combined together to ensure high performance.
5.Sensitivity is adjustable, be applicable to any materials.
6.Double tamper switches to prevent damage caused by person purposely.
7.Cutting wire will alarm.
8.Ferrous product with magnetic unit is convenient to install.
9.Compact shape, excellent performance, high reliability.


1.Detection method: Acoustic wave induction.
2.Detection range: 3m radius for steel plate, 3.5m radius for flat glass
3.Operating voltage: 9-16VDC
4.Operating current: 15mA DC 12V
5.Alarm output: C. NC. NO.
6.Contact capacity: 0.1A, 24VDC
7.Tamper output: NC
8.Alarm time: 2.2s or so
9.Time for heating machine: 2min. or so
10.Operating temperature: -20℃---50℃
11.Storage temperature: -20℃---60℃
12.Mounting: on the surface


1.Color: gray
2.Dimension: 114*34*24mm (L*W*H)
3.Net weight: 11g




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