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กันขโมย GSM800
- 8 wireless zones, each deposit of 10 detectors, a total of 80 detectors.
- Most of 8 code wireless remote control.
- LCD display, built-in clock, easy and intuitive convenient

Product Detail:  

Function Introduction


1.Built-in Chinese / English version,the customer can choose own language version of shipments.
2.8 wireless zones, each deposit of 10 detectors, a total of 80 detectors. 
3.Most of 8 code wireless remote control.
4.LCD display, built-in clock, easy and intuitive convenient
5.Full voice prompts, easy to operate
6.Wireless control home appliances (Optional)
7.Built-in intercom speakers, support for external speakers
8.Timing arm and disarm: time arm 3 groups, disarm 3 groups
9.Default 6 groups of alarm telephone, host automatic telephone voice alarm.
10.Default three groups of SMS telephone, host automatically send text messages warning
11.10 seconds artificially recording message
12.Built-in digital voice devices, artificial intelligence automatically broadcast the alarm situation
13.Built-in Chinese / English SMS, messages are free to define, more humane
14.Telephone call-in machines, dial-up via the host keyboard, with any phone calls
15.A key control, go out armed, at home deployment, remote deployment, remote phone deployment
16.Alarm location programming: for help, fire, gas, door, hall, windows,the balcony, boundary alarm.
17.Real-time, delay, 24 hours, pass a variety of zone programming.
18.Wireless learning code, add new parts to facilitate fast, safe and efficient
19.Different remote control, the host arm, disarm, monitor, intercom and other functions
20.Event Log Query: 40 alarm host automatically records all the information event.
21.Multiple deployment modes: Remote real-time deployment, go out host delay deployment,rear armed,specified period of time deployment timer, remote telephone remote arming
22.Grab line alarm priority: whether scored or outgoing call, the telephone call alarm
23.Host will be cut off is the phone call, priority call alarm call.
24.Built-in AAA NI-HM rechargeable battery pack, power off alarm function


Input voltage DC12V /1A
Standby current <55mA
Alarm current <450mA
Wireless frequency 315MHz2262 / 4.7MΩ
GSM system tri-band900/180or 850/1900MHz
Backup Battery Lithium-Ion battery
Alarm loudness 110dB




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